Are You Ready to Win a THM Gift Certificate?

Are you Ready to Enter to win a $100 Trim Healthy Mama Gift Certificate?

I truly excited and feel so very blessed to be able to announce that this Give Away is sponsored by the bloggers in the Unofficial THM Blogger’s Test Kitchen.

Have you visited the THM Bloggers Test Kitchen Unofficial Facebook Group?

It is a neat way that we support the Trim Healthy Mama community with a virtual cookbook of many THM blogger recipes.

We also band together every month or so to bring you a Give away that supports your Trim and Healthy Journey.

This month it is a $100 Trim Healthy Mama Gift Certificate!

I know that there are some mama’s that do not actually use Facebook, or other social media sites and for that reason we decided to do things a bit differently this month

This Give away is going to allow you to

See some of our Favorite Blog posts…

Visit a blog or two that you may not have previously

and look through some new and different recipes, tips and other articles.

So come join us in our Journeys!! And please share what you find.

We look forward to your comments and your support of our blogs as it blesses each of our families just as Trim Healthy Mama does.

I asked each blogger to give me a link to one article, blog post or recipe that they felt would ‘Help and Support’ the THM community.

We all want to say Thank you for supporting our blogging and sharing our recipes, tips and other information with your friends and families.

So Here is How this Give Away is going to work…

ALL ENTRIES must be done through the Rafflecopter.

(If you have trouble on a mobile device you may need to log in through a personal computer.

We are NOT responsible for entries that do not register through the widget)

This Give Away is open to Mama’s in the USA and Canada.

The $100 Trim Healthy Mama Gift Certificate will be sent to you electronically through the Trim Healthy Mama Store.

Here’s How to Enter to Win!!

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169 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Win a THM Gift Certificate?

  1. We have so many favorites! The top few are Lazy Lasagna, Lemon Cake, Quiche, Cinnamon Roll MIM.
    Thank you for this giveaway!!

  2. My favorite old cookbook recipe is the basic cheesecake. My favorite new cookbook recipe is the lemon poppyseed muffin.

  3. Too many favorites to pick just one. I make variations on the secret big boy smoothies and trimmies frequently. The bust a myth banana cake is a family favorite. I’ve made it so often that I’m out of Gentle Sweet, and our budget can’t handle buying more. πŸ™

  4. I love THM and have lost 19lbs with no special ingredients! I would love to win this so I can try so many more recipes!

  5. If I had to decide…I would pick Volcano Mudslide Muffin, if only because I have made it more than any other…but that is unfair to all of the other yumminess in the book!!!

  6. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but I will say the Cheeseburger Pie won my husband over, so that’s a top one.

  7. So many good ones… but the no bake cookies are probably the most addictive. I might have to make some today. πŸ˜‰

  8. I have liked every recipe I have tried. The one my family keeps asking for is Trimtastic Zucchini Cake, so since I’ve made it the most….I guess you could say it is my current favorite.

  9. Thank you so much for all the valuable information and recipes you provide. I recently made the healing shrinker and it is my favorite drink so far.

  10. There are to many great recipes to have a favorite. We love cottage berry whip, jalapeΓ±o popper soup, payday candies and so many more.

  11. I can’t choose just one favorite recipe. Sorry I tried. I love the Shrinker, Cowboy Grub, Bangin’ Ranch Drumsticks, Trimtastic Chocolate Cake. I even love the Cottage Berry Whip. (I was never able to eat cottage cheese before THM but love it now) Thank you for the chance to win $100 towards THM products! I’m almost out of Baking Blend and several other items so winning would be such a blessing!

  12. I just subscribed to all the sites above. YAY for THM!!! How does one choose a favorite recipe out of all these???

  13. Only one is too hard to narrow down. I like so many thm recipes. All the fsf I’ve tried are great. The most repeat meal is probably cowboy grub or egg roll in a bowl. The bust a myth banana cake or mudslide for dessert. The sweetie pie swirl is fantastic and so is the peanutty trim freeze.

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