Damage Control During Holidays

Damage Control During Holidays and Getting Back on Plan with THM

I know it sounds odd to title this Damage Control Through the Holidays. But every Holiday season that I have been “on plan” with Trim Healthy Mama, I’ve seen many mama’s post about “how do I get back on track?”

This is my third Christmas following the Trim Healthy Mama way, so I’ve learned a few tricks on Damage Control and how to “get back on plan” after eating off plan foods more often than I should have.

What to Avoid When “Getting Back on Plan”

Let’s break things down a bit. I have personally fought these issues in my own journey.

  • Guilt

Guilt tends to creep in to our journey when we make a choice to indulge in off plan foods and drink. Both of these are readily available during Holiday gatherings especially if others aren’t also following Trim Healthy Mama.

  • Shame

Shame Crept into my journey as friends and family questioned “why aren’t you eating that?” With the “It’s your favorite” or “I made it because I know you like it.” comments. For some of us this can also be a daily struggle.

  • Beating yourself up

So after feeling shamed and guilty that we let ourselves down we continue to beat ourselves up. Continuing to eat “off plan” and making excuses to not fully embrace the journey again.

  • Excuses

I’ve made my fair share of excuses about why it’s hard to get back on track. Personally, the battle and struggle with them is very real. When my journal starts reflecting those excuses I really have to take stock of what I’m doing and why.

Things to Embrace For Damage Control

  • Grace

Giving ourselves “Grace” is knowing that although we may have stumbled, we have NOT failed. Forgiveness and Grace are keystones to the life we live in a Christian way. God’s Grace and Forgiveness are present in the new Mercies that he grants us each morning.

  • Food Freedom

Freedom in our food choices is something to embrace in your journey. Picking up your Journey with a Satisfying Healthy meal is just one way that Trim Healthy Mama supports our Journey to Trim and Healthy. Personally, I eat two or three Deep S meals and snacks on days following “off plan” eating. It helps to clear the gunk and the junk and get my body reset.

  • Confidence

Embrace your choices. When you have read your book, understand the concepts and really commit to yourself and this lifestyle it builds confidence.

You know what to expect, you know and have the tools to get back on track as fast as possible with confidence and clarity in your purpose.

  • Faith

Embracing faith in yourself, God and your choices will help. Knowing that God loves you no matter where in your journey you are. As well as having faith that he stands with you builds so much more faith within yourself. You are NEVER alone in this Journey.

  • Fellowship

It may seem a bit strange to see fellowship here, but many a mama has a THM buddy. If you don’t think you do ponder this…

Do you “chat” with other THM on the discussion boards? in private messages? on the phone or in Text messages?

The fellowship and support throughout the THM community is like no other.

My Personal Damage Control Plan

The week between Christmas and New Years I’m using my own personal damage control plan. Each year I see posts about eat deep S meals (these are explained in your Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book, Higher Learning Chapter). I do NOT do a Fuel Cycle this week because my body is already in turmoil over the off plan foods. While structured I don’t feel that a Fuel Cycle is the answer to what I personally need.

I do eat quite a few light and deep S meals, just to help my body detox. E meals are so very important to my adrenals and giving energy to my body that to leave them out would be unacceptable.

Fuel Pull snacks are AMAZING, and yes they can fill you up for those all important 3 hours.

I know that this week will be a challenge to get through the detox symptoms yet again, but I also indulge in a lot of GGMS, Singing Canary and Shrinkers this week. All of these sippers help to hydrate me as well as flush the gunk and junk out of my system.

I use this Meal Planner

Menu Planner

which goes with the Free Binder printable that you can get through Subscribing


May your Holidays be Blessed and Your Heart full.

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