Progress Report – “Tin Can Alley”

Making Progress in Our Tin Can Alley

We have been spending as much time as possible on working and making progress in “Tin Can Alley”.

Rick has had to tear out the ceiling so that he could rewire most of the camper. We also had to fix some water leaks that we found after bringing her home.

I’ve been priming and painting everything with his help on the spots that I can’t get to.


I hand dyed some flour Sack towels for us to use as curtains… I have to change-up the colors as they don’t quite match with the palate we have decided on.

We have a couple of the cafe rods to hang some of them as soon as we get the cabinet doors put back up in the dinette area

Stay tuned for a post about how to make the curtains … It was really FUN!!!

(I’m now addicted to Shibori dyeing and fabric stamping)


Some of the other things that have been happening around here …

My son Shane decided he was moving back to Kentucky after being here for a couple of years, he blessed us with a gently used futon mattress that fits perfectly for the sofa/bed area. This has saved us a bunch of money, to redo those cushions alone it would have cost about $300.00. I am going to miss having him here, a lot. It is hard to live 6 or more hours from your children even when they are grown…

Holidays get weird and play havoc with my emotions, I love my step children but it feels so odd to not have my boys near. So bear with me as my mama’s heart misses them.

We took an awesome trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo with Alyssa and her family. Which was a resounding hit, Declan was a happy boy as he got to see a real Elephant up close.


and some Giraffes


This week marked my 50th birthday… I stayed on plan throughout the day and spent it working side by side with Rick in the camper bringing this dream closer to reality. Playing with fabric dye and paint… my crafty side was happy happy.

I continue to battle feelings that what I am sharing here doesn’t really matter, and that is causing a bunch of writer’s block and makes me afraid to share for fear of rejection etc… sounds weird I know but my self-confidence can be shaky at times and with the influx of newer bloggers I fear that some of what I am working on and sharing just isn’t what people want to read about.


1-Just when

A couple of weeks ago I began my journey to quit smoking. I have been a heavy smoker since I was in my teens, and with the news from my doctor that I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet, she was unable to find pulses in either foot and is concerned with possible circulation issues it is time for me to quit for good. (Please pray for me and for rick as we progress through this). This is another reason that I’ve been quiet, my emotions come to the surface when I have tried to quit in the past and I don’t want to offend anyone.

So give me a bit of slack and come on around and check in as I do have a couple of planned posts for some crock pot and instant pot recipes.




8 thoughts on “Progress Report – “Tin Can Alley”

  1. I have just recently found your blog as well and am looking forward to watching the progress on “tin can alley”! I found it via a search for THM recipes and am so happy I did – so please don’t quit blogging, I enjoy your blog.

    1. I wasn’t really thinking of quitting blogging… just kind of changing some of the things I am writing about 🙂 But there will always be THM recipes here … I’m a lifer!!

  2. Judy, I know about emotional roller coasters, & hitting an age milestone doesn’t help. Fortunately, I was looking forward to turning 50 ~ it’s my ‘next’ birthday that has me on someone shaky ground. I’ll be 65 in January. I’m trying to put on that same attitude of anticipation rather than dread.
    I am loving your blog about the camper & can’t wait to read more as you finish each little project . . . . anticipating (for you) that first road trip with your new baby!! Now, THAT’s exciting!!! I have to say I’m a bit jealous, cuz I love camping, but my husband is really having trouble getting around now & although we did a weekend tent camp in July, it was pretty rough. So, I’m actually looking for an affordable used camper, too. I pop-up would work for us.
    And of course I’m her for the long-run with your recipes. . . .always something new to try & love!! Thank you for all the time you put into all of this.

    1. Thank you Ann!! I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, and we started looking at pop ups but I really wanted a working potty… where I didn’t have to run across a dark campground.. lol . Water pills really play havoc with your ability to run in those situations. Thanks for believing in me it means so much!!

  3. Judy, I’ve been praying for you as the Lord brings you to my mind. I love how you are re-making your camper – that looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to see more pictures of that!

    1. Thank you so very much!! I love how things are coming together with our “tin can”. It’s a bit frustrating to have to put everything on hold while my hand heals but all in “his timing”

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