Strawberry Mango Lava Flow

Strawberry Mango Lava Flow (Sugar Free, Low Fat, THM E)

 This Strawberry Mango Lava Flow really hits the spot!

With summer in full swing around here I tend to drink more shakes and smoothies, to try to stay cool.

Strawberries and Mangoes tend to go really well together, and this Lava Flow smoothie is a great way to get a tropical taste without increasing your waist! Disclosure Statement

If you follow The Trim Healthy Mama plan like I do this Shake/Smoothie would fall into the energizing meal category because of the natural carbs found in the Mango. And we all know you have separate those carbs and fat so to get it thick and creamy I used cottage cheese, you could also use 0% greek yogurt or coconut yogurt as the base, but it might be a bit looser after mixing.

There are a lot of ways to change this up and I’m sure you will see some more flavor combinations from me very soon!

Strawberry Mango Lava Flow (THM E, Sugar Free, Low Fat)I love the Slim Belly Jelly recipe on page 478 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, however if you are a ‘Sue’ you can use an all fruit spread instead, I would just thin it down a bit with water so that it will swirl better.

I did make my Slim Belly Jelly a bit looser this time because I wanted to use it as a sauce for this Strawberry Mango Lava Flow and to top ice cream like this Cottage Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Cottage Style Vanilla Ice Cream

It also makes a great berry vinaigrette that is on page 474 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. So if you haven’t tried it yet you really might want to.

Back to the Strawberry Mango Lava Flow

I love being able to make my own shakes and smoothies with fresh ingredients and one or two special ingredients if needed. You could add a scoop of Pristine Whey Protein Powder to this to bump up the nutrition but it really isn’t needed as the cottage cheese adds enough to keep this Shake/Smoothie within plan guidelines for an E meal or snack (even with the strawberry garnish). you could also add about 1 Tablespoon of heavy cream to make it even creamier, but I enjoy it without the added calories.

This Strawberry Mango Lava Flow makes a perfect summertime treat just like the other 100 Trim and Healthy Summertime Treats that you can find in this post.

100 Trim and Healthy Summertime Treats (All Fuel Types)

So let me know what you think and if there is a different flavor combination that you would enjoy!


Strawberry Mango Lava Flow
Recipe type: Shake/Smoothie
Cuisine: Trim Healthy Mama
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  1. Place mango chunks, cottage cheese, almond milk, sweetener and Ice into blender cup. Process until smooth.
  2. Pour mango mixture into glass and top with Slim Belly Jelly from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook page 478



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