Tin Can Alley- A Rehab Project

My husband and I have a new Rehab Project- “Tin Can Alley” to work on.

Our New to us 1970 Camp Four camper. She’s a bit (okay a lot) rough around the edges at the moment, but has good bones and should be ready to roll down the road in a few months if all goes well.

As we enter “Tin Can Alley- A Rehab Project”, I’d just like to say that this has been something on My bucket list as well as Rick’s for quite some time. So this is a labor of love. It probably won’t be very profitable in a monetary way, but emotionally it’s a gold mine for both of us.

I’ll be blogging about the process and our progress along the way to making a dream a reality with this “Tin Can Alley – A Rehab Project”. So come along for the journey and feel free to comment and suggest things as we go!!

We can even talk about doing Trim Healthy Mama in tight spaces! Not just in the camper but also in my kitchen.

I know it doesn’t seem like you can eat alternatively in that small of a space but hey I’m up for a challenge or two to see what’s going to work and what isn’t.

Considering that this beauty in the rough is 44 years old, I feel she’s got some great years a head of her and we are excited to give her a face lift, fix what’s wrong and make her a shining star again.

We’ve decided that a retro theme is going to be best and are really going to try to keep as much of the original decor as possible.

 I have some questions for you…

Do you camp in a camper or a tent?

I prefer to camp in a camper as I’ve gotten older, although I took my kids camping in both tents and campers as they were growing up.


What’s your favorite camping memory?

I have many fond memories of camping with my family as a child. We would go with my brothers and my dad on boy scout trips with my brothers. My dad and brothers were in the scout camp while my mom, my sister and I camped in a campground near by.

Where was your favorite camping memory made?

I think the camping trip that stuck with me the most was when we went camping in Indian river Michigan. We attended Mass at the National Shrine of Cross in the Woods and afterward my dad walked me to the base of the cross… it’s a beautiful place.

2 thoughts on “Tin Can Alley- A Rehab Project

  1. Can’t wait to see the results.

    Our family tent camps. We went in with 2 other families and rented an RV to drive from Texas to Canada once. Nine people in one RV makes for some interesting stories.

    There is not just one favorite camping memory. Trying to think of only one has really put a smile on my face. There are the times we camped with our parents as kids; there isn’t a Texas state park we didn’t camp, hike or picnic.

    Then there is camping with our kids. The one memory that sticks out is a spring break trip we took to west Texas. We were assured by a park ranger somewhere around San Antonio that we wouldn’t need reservations for campgrounds west of I-35 as they wouldn’t fill up. We were 6 hours from home with 4 cranky kids when we realized the error in trusting this advice. However in the camp office a lady who had a camper offered us her grass and saved the night for us. We didn’t own sleeping bags and that night the temp dropped to 36 degrees. The three older children huddled together under blankets, while my husband and I took turns sleeping next to our hot bodied 2yo, who was so warm he wouldn’t sleep in-between us. He was like a small heater and about every 20 minutes my husband and I would switch places so one of us could suck up some of that heat for a few minutes. And then there was the night with no campgrounds and no vacant hotels for hours and hours. And the place we found in Balmorhea was as creepy as the Bates Motel.

    Then there is camping with just my husband. Valentine’s weekend a few years back we tried to get the family to go camping with us but everyone had their own plans so hubby and I decided to go on our own. Around 10pm we got a call from our 12 yo asking where everyone was. Oops! All the kids, except our youngest, had plans for the weekend and in my excitement of spending Valentine’s alone with my husband I forgot this kid. He had a lovely weekend with the neighbors.

    1. Oh what awesome memories… Thank you so much for sharing your memories with me and the other readers!! I have many memories with my family and my oldest brother baking in a cardboard box… as well as the ones I shared within the post.
      The “tin can” is coming together well, I should post some updates 🙂 We tore the ceiling out and have to replace some of the wiring due to age etc.. We also need to replace all the cushions due to age and what looks like water damage… but it’s exciting to see it coming together so that we can start our adventure 😀

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