Trim Healthy Mama Book Review and Giveaway

Trim Healthy Mama Book Review Give away

I’m so excited to share with you my review of the new Trim Healthy Mama Plan book as well as the new THM Cookbook!

Both of these books have been a blessing in so many ways. I’m going to separate the reviews so that you can see what the benefits of each book are.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with the ability to write this post and give away a set of these books to you! (a HUGE shout out to Random House for sponsoring this give away!!)


Disclosure StatementFor legal purposes, I do have to let you know that this is a sponsored post and that Random House provided the give away copies of the new Trim Healthy Mama books in return for my unbiased views and opinions.

whew! got that out-of-the-way… Now on to the GOOD STUFF!!

Trim Healthy Mama Plan

Keep it Simple, Keep it Sane


I’ve been following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan for over a year utilizing the original PDF book as well as the information in the Facebook Groups. (Personally I’ve lost over 60 pounds in about 18 months, following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan)

I was never so happy to see a book be revised and condensed into a simpler format!

The New Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book is so much easier to navigate with a wonderful table of content and index. Making the plan an easy and fun way to slim down while still eating delicious food that is sugar-free and made with the healthiest ingredients.

The way you meet the characters is very informal in a manner we can all relate to. The plan book is a refreshing read that speaks from the heart with Biblical references of how and when to eat a “satisfying” meal or an “energizing” one.

Each of the four meal types are centered around protein ensuring that we Mama’s make the healthiest choices for ourselves and our families . Clear examples are included in each of the meal descriptions as well as easy to make recipes from the companion cookbook are referenced through out.

I would have liked to have seen some recipes for the  sample menus in the plan book just to help clarify things a bit more, however there are some suggestions for everyday foods within each section and each of the recipes in the sample menus is located in the new cookbook. This plan can be implemented easily by anyone!

Some of the reasons I love Trim Healthy Mama are:

No calorie counting

Easy everyday recipes that work for the whole family

Food Freedom

Fun on plan foods and recipes that make my heart sing

Food that fits every budget, large or small

The AMAZING online community through Facebook and The new Trim Healthy Mama membership site.

All of the wonderful THM Bloggers and Mama’s

My Local Support Group, as well as others around the globe.


I love the food lists that are included because it takes the guesswork out of knowing what foods fit into which meal type. Allowing mama’s everywhere to learn how to separate their fuels with ease. I also love that they included a “Guy Chapter” in the New Plan Book

Overall I’d say this is a must have book for someone following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan.

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Eat Up and Slim Down

This Cookbook has become my kitchen companion since it hit my doorstep. I love the new recipes, the index, table of contents, the color coded key to fuel types and so much more.

 All of the recipes are written in a traditional format that is easy to read with gorgeous photos throughout the book, with helpful excerpts strategically placed where needed.

Each recipe section has a color coded key for the recipes that tells you at a glance what fuel type it is. I would have liked to have seen the recipe title and page referenced on the photos but hey …maybe next time.

The books come to you soft bound and the cookbook is reinforced so it is a bit sturdier than if it hadn’t been. I did take my books in to have them spiral bound so that they would lay flat, but honestly I kind of wish I hadn’t because of the plastic coil that Fed Ex used. 

The introduction in the cookbook is amazing with awesome descriptions of the kitchen tools that are most handy as well as the special ingredients that are used in some of the recipes. With over 350 recipes only about 50 of them call for special ingredients.

 My favorite recipe so far has been the Jigglegurt on page 345.


Overall the recipes use everyday items that can be found at any local grocer or health food store. and you can find all of your THM Supplies through my affiliate link


I highly recommend BOTH the Trim Healthy Mama plan and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook even if you are not a beginner!



Make sure you enter to win a copy of BOTH books.

(this give away is limited to US residents only due to shipping costs)


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135 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Love the Cheeseburger Pie, it’s a family staple. Also their Chocomoco from the book rivals a sugar-laden coffeehouse drink. Delicious! ☕💟

  2. Wonderful giveaway, and wonderful book reviews! I’m so glad all that effort was put into making the plan even easier to figure out, and follow. 🙂 The fastest, easiest thing for me is just the basic Shrinker.

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands in these books. I looked through my friend’s cookbook and love it. THM has changed my life. 60 lbs gone forever!

  4. My favorite THM recipe is breakfast: Greek yogurt, raspberries, a splash of vanilla extract, and sometimes a bit of peanut butter.

  5. My favorite THM recipe in the new book so far is the peanut butter puff cake! My favorite DLWM recipe is the peanut butter crumble! Ok maybe I love peanut butter 🙂 🙂

  6. Thanks for the review on the new books. I have the original, and hope to get the new ones soon. It was nice to find your website also.

  7. I like the yogurt recipes. My favorite is the yogurt with apples, cinnamon and sweetener. I add protein powder to it too.

  8. I just got started reading the old book that I checked out from the library. But from what I have seen posted in the group, I can’t wait to try the cry no more brownies!

  9. There’s a chicken cream cheese pocket that is wonderful!! Whole family loves it. I also like the bulletproof coffee.

  10. My family and I love egg roll in a bowl, it is easy, quick and my 12 year old daughter who is a very picky eater, loves eating it and cooking it!

  11. My favorite recipe from the original book is the Choco Pudding (p. 366). I LOVE it, it is an FP, and it is so easy to whip up! Chocolate cravings = satisfied!! 😀

  12. My favorite so far is the Trim Healthy Pancakes from the old plan book. They taste much better than the pancakes I was making before THM and so much healthier!

  13. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but my kids love the Easy Peasy Cinnamon Muffins recipe from the original book. They don’t like the cinnamon flavor, so I sub cocoa powder and add a few plan-approved chocolate chips to make easy peasy double chocolate muffins. I make the cinnamon for the adults in the house.

  14. Cheeseburger Pie!! Our family loves this! So good and filling. I also like the Fat Stripping Frappe and Big Boy Smoothie.

  15. I really like most of the drink recipes. I used to be a super sugar junkie and now I am learning better ways to enjoy foods and drinks.

  16. Our family Loves the Cheeseburger Pie recipe in the first book and Mrs. Criddles Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.

  17. I haven’t tried any yet, I am new to the group and haven’t had the money to pick up the books yet, I have discovered a few free recipes that I am planning on trying.

  18. I use the Sweet Blend in my drinks a lot. I enjoy the vinegar drink mixed with fresh lemon. I also love Skinny chocolate made with coconut oil and pb. 🙂

  19. I don’t have a favorite recipe because I’ve never tried any! I’ve been a lurker on their fb page for quite some time, though, just can’t justify buying the books so I’d love to win this =)

  20. Hopefully these books would be easier to understand than the original. I have the first book, I have 45 lb I need to lose, but there are so many details in the book, I really struggle to understand what food to put where. Your testimonies and pictures are awesome.

    1. I found the new books to be much easier to understand… they have chapter summaries at the end of each chapter which really help to clarify the key points 🙂

  21. Love the Pay Off Days in the New Cookbook. If I win, I’ll share the books with someone who can’t afford or doesn’t have them yet and wants to get healthy and happy! LOVE THM! Thanks Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved.

  22. I haven’t tried any recipes as of yet, I do not have the books. I hear there are so many good recipes and I have been following through Facebook and trying to learn the plan.

  23. I need to win the books so I can make some yummy THM recipes to find my favorite!!!!! Thanks for all you do to help us live healthier lives.

  24. I police smoothes and shakes. Their Frappa recipe was one of my favourites before going dairy free because my nursing baby reacts to dairy. I would love to use this cookbook to find a new favourite!

  25. Thank you so much. This has been very helpful. I have been hovering all around THM for over a year now, but have not been serious about it until now. Excited to see what the Lord has in store. 🙂

  26. i have been reading the old book, and it has already helped me so much. I would love to have a chance to read the new ones!

  27. My favorite of all time is skinny chocolate. But I also love the apple cinnamon yogurt for breakfast and the Shrinker.

  28. Would love to win these book’s. As far as my favorite recipe… I have too many too name 🙂 lol pancakes, pound cake, shrinker..

  29. It sound simple I know but I love egg roll in a bowl it’s simple and so good and easy to put together! 🙂 This is a great giveaway. I don’t have either of these books and I’d LOVE to win! Thank you!

  30. I really like the cheeseburger pie, and also Mrs. Criddle’s beef enchiladas, Gwen’s bread and mint chip shake…lots of stuff!!

  31. It’s hard to pick just one!! My favorite go-to lunch that is quick and extremely yummy is the Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup with grilled cheese made with half a Joseph’s Lavash Bread. 🙂

  32. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet. I have been browsing though and there are so many recipes I am making notes on so I can try them!!

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