2017 Secret Santa Giveaway

Secret Santa Giveaway

As we enter the season of giving, Let’s have a little bit of fun with this Secret Santa Giveaway. Instead of listing a specific product or group of products, I am going to do a secret santa prize. Meaning you get to tell me what you’d like your Secret Santa to bring!!

This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon or other programs. I do earn a small commission from the sales made through these links; however your price never changes.

As a mama that has spent the last four or so years following a Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle, I really couldn’t decide what to give away that would help you in your journey the best.

So in an effort to infuse some fun and some holiday spirit you get to tell me what you would like your THM Secret Santa to bring.

Some Ideas for My THM Secret Santa Include

Tell Me What You’d Like In the Comments

There are a few things you need to know about this Secret Santa Giveaway

  1. The 2017 Secret Santa Giveaway is part of the 2017 Blogger Test Kitchen Blog Hop Giveaway.
  2. This Giveaway is open to US residents only
  3. This giveaway is open for entries from December 14, 2017 until December 21, 2017
  4. Please try to keep the requests to something that you would truly use and feel blessed to have.
  5. Keep the cost reasonable (this mama does have a budget)
  6. Be kind enough to share with your friends & family
  7. Please only submit 1 blog comment with your choice- or reply to your own comment with additional ideas
  8. Subscribe to this blog
  9. Say a prayer that my hand/wrist heals up soon so that we can have more kitchen adventures!

About the THM Blogger Test Kitchen (Unofficial) Facebook Group

The THM Blogger Test Kitchen (Unofficial) Facebook Group was formed by bloggers that are focused on the Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle. We each contribute recipes in a type of virtual cookbook with albums featuring meal types, cooking methods and more. We would love to have you join this group and look forward to your comments.

The 2017 Blogger Test Kitchen Blog Hop Giveaway

I am teaming up with seven other bloggers who are all participating in this 2017 Blogger Test Kitchen Blog Hop Giveaway. Giving you chances to win multiple prizes to help you in your Trim Healthy Mama Journey.

Each Giveaway is separate so you need to enter the ones that interest you from the links below. Each link will open in a separate tab. 


2017 Blogger Test Kitchen Blog Hop Giveaway

Briana Thomas // Grace-Filled Homemaking // Joyful Jane
Wonderfully Made & Dearly Loved // Nana’s Little Kitchen
Oh Sweet Mercy // My Montana Kitchen // My Table of Three

Read on to meet my friends from the Blogger Test Kitchen.

Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas

Young blogger Briana Thomas has a passion for quick, easy, and healthy versions of her family’s favorite recipes…and ice cream! Between creating and blogging recipes, taking pictures, enjoying the great outdoors, singing, and working on her second cookbook, she stays busy and enjoys writing about her exploits and dreaming up new projects. Click here to visit Briana’s giveaway!



Grace Filled HomemakingCate from Grace-Filled Homemaking

Cate from Grace-Filled Homemaking is a wife and Mama to two little men. She serves up delicious, family-friendly Trim Healthy Mama recipes along with a dose of faith-based encouragement, homemaking tips, budget-friendly menu plans and more! Her goal is to help you create a healthy home that’s full of God’s grace. Click here to visit Cate’s giveaway!

Jpyful JaneKristen from Joyful Jane

Come meet Kristen at Joyful Jane and find a wide array of encouragement, healthy recipes, and lovely things! Kristen is a homeschooling mama of 8 children and she focuses on finding JOY along the way of life. She loves to share encouragement in the areas of being a wife and mother, eating and creating healthy food for our families, homeschooling and family life tips, calligraphy scriptures, personalized items, inspirational photography, organizing tips, home décor and more! Hop on over to say “Hi” and enter our HUGE Christmas giveaway which includes our favorite sprouted flours, a personalized monogrammed bag, Choose Joy pillow, personalized Christmas plate, mug, kitchen towels, and much much more! While you are there, grab some of our FREE resources, including the gift of our hand-painted Calligraphy Scripture Print! Click here to visit Kristen’s giveaway!

Nana's Little KitchenTeresia from Nana’s Little Kitchen

Nana’s Little Kitchen is serving up solid THM Friendly Southern dishes to help you on your Trim Healthy Mama journey. Teresia is sharing classic recipes that are satisfying, delicious, and nutritious to help you weave this fantastic diet plan into the fabric of a healthy life. Click here to enter Teresia’s giveaway!



Dawn from Oh Sweet Mercy

Oh Sweet MercyDawn blogs at Oh Sweet Mercy, and it’s her great pleasure to help Trim Healthy Mamas, low carbers, & sugar free peeps stay on-plan with delicious, healthy, THM-friendly recipes that won’t bust the budget. She’s also a Torah-keeping wife, mom, stepmom, and Harley-riding grandma. With a small flock of backyard chickens and shiny, sparkly squirrels running amok and distracting her. Oh sweet mercy! I’m calling my prize the End-of-the-Year Reflection Gift Pack. Make a muffin in a mug, grab a cup of your favorite hot on plan beverage, cozy up in a chair and write your reflections on the year down in the journal. Click here to enter Dawn’s giveaway!


Sarah from My Montana Kitchen

Welcome to My Montana Kitchen! I live in Western Montana and I love creating new and healthy recipes to share with my readers! Many of my recipes are low carb, some are healthy carbs, and all are sugar free and Trim Healthy Mama Friendly! Click here to enter Sarah’s giveaway!


My Table of ThreeKeri from My Table of Three

Keri over at My Table of Three works to create new recipes and adapt old family favorites into dishes that are gluten-free, sugar-free and compatible with the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. She enjoys sharing her THM weight loss journey and meal prep over on her YouTube Channel. Keri is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to Swanson Vitamins where she loves to pick up some of her favorite THM products. Click here to enter Keri’s giveaway!

 How To Enter the 2017 Secret Santa Giveaway

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437 thoughts on “2017 Secret Santa Giveaway

  1. I would love the chocolate chips and baobab powder. Thank you so much for all your recipes and now a Secret Santa gift…..Thank you!!!

  2. My ultimate Secret Santa gift would have to be either an air fryer or THM chocolate chips and baobab powder. Or Matcha tea, but not everything together because things can get pricey and that is it the reason for giving it is all about the intention. Thank you for doing the giveaway and I pray that it goes to someone who needs it!

  3. My secret Santa wish gift would be an air fryer or plain whey protein powder. But I would love any THM product there are many I haven’t tried. Thank you for this opportunity. Merry Christmas

  4. I’m definitely interested in an air fryer! Or I never got the THM Cookbook (have the original book and the new book though)!

  5. I’d love to have an instant pot to try. I like the idea of being able to cook from frozen on days I haven’t planned ahead.

  6. What a sweet blessing you are! If I had a THM secret Santa, I would hope for a THM site membership, any of their creams (never tried them), or a tried and true spiralizer that is super easy to clean.

  7. Too many to choose from, I think my favorite would be the air fryer…but I need the plan book, and totally want a fitbit too, lol.

  8. I would really enjoy a good meal planning book! I do this in a notebook now but of how fun it would be for a beautiful book for this task! Thank you for presenting an opportunity for a lucky person!!

  9. If I were to be blessed by a Secret Santa, I would love a THM membership! Thank-you so much for being so generous! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. I’d love my THM Santa to bring me ANOTHER crock pot! LOL! I have 2 large ones and a tiny one already but I’d love something in between (I also have 2 Instant Pots… I might have a problem). I love the crock pot/Instant Pot meals in the Trim Healthy Table and love to utilize more than one at a time (especially for sides).

  11. Any of the 3 lb bags of thm baking blend, gentle sweet, or super sweet.

    Okay. Really any ingredient that I would use in recipes like yours!

  12. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would really be happy just to win something — that would be so cool. But, if I have to choose, I must admit that I would love an air fryer or a Fitbit.

  13. Special ingredients for sure!! (Whey protein, collagen, chocolate chips, pure stevia, gentle sweet, etc.)
    Some more individual containers for my Ninja blender (just got – early Christmas present to me!)….I already use the single serve ones it came with way too much!
    Square/Rectangular crock pot – I’ve seen these, but can’t remember what they’re called
    InstaPot cookbooks

  14. I’d love to try an air fryer. Or the coffee frother! Either one of these are new to me, and would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen

  15. I would love my secret santa to bring me one of these giveaways! I am trying to eat healthy foods now and have many THM way of eating items items in my arsenal.

  16. I’d love some chocolate chips and collagen! One is always out of munch budget and the second I just run through so fast.

  17. I would love my THM Secret Santa to bring me a fitbit! Has been on my wish for a while. Lol but honestly, Santa knows best, so I’d be happy with whatever THM God he brought😉

  18. Hi, it is so nice to “meet” you…this is my first time here. I’m visiting from Briana’s blog post about the giveaways. The things I would most love to win are THM supplies so I can get started on the program…I would love to win the Gentle Sweet, collagen, and baking blend. I got their book and am trying to understand how the program works, and I just think it would be so much easier to get started if I had their products. Unfortunately, they are expensive, so it would be a huge blessing to win some! I trust the Lord will bless you and your family with a wonderful Christmas season!

    1. Hi Cheryl, it is a pleasure to meet you too 🙂. Thanks for coming by. I facilitate a book study every January. So keep your eye out for it ❤

  19. I would love the specialty items like chocolate chips and baobab powder or the THM plan book to share with my sister

  20. I would love the specialty items like chocolate chips and baobab powder or the THM plan book to share with my sister

  21. I would certainly be thankful for whatever the Secret Santa brought, but a few ideas: anything food/sweetener THM related product or insta pot. This is so wonderful of you all to do!

  22. If I had a THM secret sister I would love a gift of sugar free chocolate chips or collagen. Those are the things I use up the quickest. I’ve also never tried the THM sweeteners bit I like the pyure brand I can find local. Thank you and prayer for your arm 💝

  23. I would like a gift card to buy a few new pairs of Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans. My present ones, thanks to THM, are getting too big!

    Another item for my wish list would be a new Cuisinart – mine, I feel, is on its last legs 🙁

  24. I would love to have items from the THM store such as the Chocolate Chips, Oat Fiber, Cuffin Mix, Gentle Sweet, Chocolate Pristine Whey Powder, and really anything 🙂

  25. I would love to try the THM Chocolate Chips or read through the “Necessary Foods” cookbook! This is a great giveaway!

  26. What a fun giveaway! I would love my THM Secret Santa to give me
    THM Chocolate Baking chips
    Baobab powder
    THM Chocolate Whey
    THM Strawberry Whey
    new oven mitts

  27. If I had a THM Secret Santa it would be all special ingredients for me! I can never have too much sweetener, but in my last order I skipped the Baobab and the chocolate chips and I’m totally kicking myself now…especially for the chips since it is cookie season! Also the Strawberry Protein Powder. Now that I know how awesome the chocolate one is, it is on my list for my next order 🙂

  28. I would love more THM products! Having to buy them out of the family food budget sometimes makes my husband look sideways at me. I’d love to try Baobab Boost, Chocolate and Strawberry Whey Powder, THM chocolate chips, and their natural boost flavorings when they come out!

  29. Special ingredients would be fun (and would help my tight budget)! I would like collagen, Chocolate chips, gentle sweet…really anything would be exciting!

  30. I love your recipes and am looking forward to trying the noodles next. I keep hearing about the air fryer but have never seen one. I will have to check it out. Merry Christmas!

  31. How fun!! I would love a coffee frother, or thm special ingredients (esp. MCT oil and baking blend), or silicon molds for homemade gummies and skinny chocolate. Thank you for the opportunity.

  32. I’d have to say one of 3 items
    1. A FOOD PROCESSOR (I only have a 1.5 cup one and it’s not big enough for our family of 7)
    2. Lilly’s Chocolate Chips-I really want to try them
    3. A gift card to THM

  33. An air fryer is something I have been looking into buying. I’m new to THM and have found all of these blogs very helpful with my new lifestyle!

  34. I’m slowly buying some “special” products like Oat Fiber, Baobab, Whey Protein Powder, collagen so anything special like that would be great! 🙂

  35. Oh boy, I would be over the moon if my secret Santa brought me an air fryer. I am really hoping for a set of bamboo sock needles and a luxury yarn like cashmere to make myself an awesome pair of socks.

  36. I have been eyeballing the air fryer for weeks now. It’s pretty pricey so that would be the ultimate surprise. I’m very new and on a tight budget so any them supplies like the baking blend or sugars I can actual eat would be such a blessing. My whole family got together and let me know I have an instant pot (8 qt) under the tree so any accessories I might need would be lovely. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway so I could find your blog and I will add you into my prayers for recovery <3

  37. Oh…so many things! I would love an Instapot or air fryer but a cookbook holder would be great too! I have already hinted to the kids and hubby on the instapot! 😂 Started my thm journey just over a month ago and very surprised on how I can make the switch with cooking for the family without them making a stink! Love it and look forward to making more recipes with you! Ps…prayers for a speedy recovery!

  38. Would enjoy a milk frother, baobab powder, or an air fryer. I love that you are giving us options and asking what we would really like. Lord, we pray for healing for our sister’s wrist. Please heal it in Your name.

  39. I’ve been asking my husband for a copy of Trim Healthy Table, as well as some Baobab powder, collagen, and MCT oil. He said I’d have to win it – LOL Thanks for your giveaway…

  40. I’d love to have special ingredients from THM,such as oat fiber, protein powder and I’d like to try the baobab powder.

  41. My secret santa wish list would have THM ingredients like peanut flour, THM chocolate chips, collagen, whey protein, super sweet, baobab and baking blend or Briana Thomas’s cookbook on it! What a fun idea!

  42. An air fryer or a spiralizer would be my picks. Thanks for all the all of you do to help us make the THM journey successful!

  43. I would love a fit bit and some special ingredients. I keep telling my friends/family I would be a great case study of how sleep or lack thereof affects the body. A fit bit would give that feed back. Don’t get me wrong, I am so blessed with these amazing children that steal my sleep. The special ingredients would come in handy to experiment more with THM recipes. Merry Christmas, and to all a good night’s sleep!

  44. A secret Santa gift list would include: THM special products (Chocolate chips, MCT oil, Baobab powder, flavored protein powder, xylitol-free gentle sweet, or the Natural Boost flavorings when they come out) or an air fryer, or fit bit, or a cookbook holder and seals for an Instant Pot 8 qt-Duo. Thanks for encouraging us to dream up a gift list, and hope you heal quickly…

  45. I would love any foods that would that would help with my THM journey and the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook. Really anything would be great!

  46. I’d love a few special ingredients like collagen, whey protein, & baobab. Ok, and I’d really love to try the chocolate chips–I think everybody does!

  47. THM products (gift card), air fryer sounds cool (Amazon gift card), or perhaps membership to the THM site? Merry Christmas!

  48. Air Fryer or Electric Spiralizer would be wonderful but ideal be grateful for any THM product like Oat Fiber would be awesome

  49. I’ve heard so much about instant pots. It wouldn’t be something I’d by for myself as I’m quite frugal but Santa could. I’d also like to try the Baorob boost.

  50. I’d love to have the latest copy of the plan book. Would like to get my daughter started on the plan but fear the original edition would scare her off!

  51. I would like a fitbit, because I think it would help motivate me to exercise more. It was fun looking through your list. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  52. I would love for my Secret Santa to bring me a Ninja blender, or something that would stand up to all of the THM blending I plan t do in 2018!

  53. Oh wow!! My secret santa wish is an Apple Watch or an air fryer (already on the list)… could you also please drop that hint to my hubby?? You would think after 17 years he’d pick the hints up himself BUT… Ya know… He he he!!

  54. Thank you for this!! I’d love to have a new THM Plan book or special ingredients like the THM stevia, collagen, or chocolate whey protein. Blessings to you!

  55. Wow, how fun to pick a secret Santa prize. I think either 85% chocolate chips to try or a fit bit. I have been considering a fit bit but just haven’t taken the plunge. I think it would be much more reliable than the app I currently use on my phone.

  56. I have been wanting to try an Air Fryer. My husband loves to fry EVERYTHING! lol He likes to try to help with the cooking, and I have to remind him not to fry everything. 🙂

  57. I’m supposed to get an air fryer and instant pot but my Fitbit just quit charging. I miss it already, that’s what I would like to have.

  58. I would love the Trim Healthy Table cook book, special ingredients like plain whey protein powder, oat fiber, and Lilly’s (or other brand) chocolate chips, or an Instant Pot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. An electric spiralizer sounds cool, I have a cheapo one that’s not easy to use. Everyone tells me I need to try an instapot, but I haven’t been willing to spend the money. Thanks for doing this!

  60. I would love a fit bit…i track my steps on my phone but I cant bring the phone in the pool or I sit it down and it osnt accurate in counting steps if I dont have it on me😁 thanks Judy for the give away

  61. I would love to try the air fryer! I have four kids (and a DH) that love fries and chips. I’d be thrilled to make a healthier option.

  62. So excited to find this blog. And a giveaway? YAY! I’d love to get an InstantPot. I see so many recipes and I’d LOVE one for our family. Thank you for being so generous. Praying healing and comfort for you! God Bless!!

  63. I would really like to try one of the special ingredients…. maybe protein powder? I haven’t been able to afford any THM products thus far (I am very guilty of refusing to spend money on myself)

  64. I would love a fitbit, as well as a couple of THM’s new products I haven’t tried yet – the Baobab Boost powder and the THM chocolate chips!

  65. I would love extra sealing rings or liners for my 6 and 8 at instant pots. Or thm chocolate chips and baobob powder. Thank you for great recipes!

  66. Pretty much any THM special ingredient (protein powder, collagen, baobab powder, etc, etc, etc…), a Ninja Coffee Bar, immersion blender, a new scale.

  67. Thank you so much, Judy, for hosting this giveaway!
    If I had a choice, I would request a 6 or 8 qt. InstaPot. If that was too expensive, I’d request a beautiful new tea mug with a steeper lid (I dropped mine & it broke) or Baobab powder & THm Chocolate Chips.

  68. I would love a manual spiralizer, some nice olive oil, new oven mitts, new cookie sheets, or a set of wooden spoons.

    When my wrist was bothering me I took extra omega-3 supplements and they helped a lot. Feel better soon!

  69. Thank you for participating in the giveaway. I am sure someone will enjoy your gift to them. I’m in a very down mood today, so I can’t think of anything for a Secret Santa to bring me. But you are great for doing this.

  70. I love following you and all the others you have teamed up with for the “blog hop”! What a fun way to see all that you ladies are doing. Keep up the amazing recipes!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  71. While I would LOVE an Air Fryer, I asked my Mama for one and she’s good about getting what i ask for. I would probably be most blessed by the THM special ingredients. I am running low on stevia, want to try the bobab (sp?) powder, or would love some of the Not naughty noodles & rice. Noodles & rice are my biggest downfall as the only THM in the family.

  72. I’m just starting my THM journey at the beginning of the year, so I think “special” ingredients would be a great gift!

  73. I’d love a Thm gift card, the chocolate protein powder, thm strawberry protein powder, the skin care products. ☺

  74. Your generosity is so sweet. First of all, I am definitely praying for your hands. Those of you who are baking are such a blessing in helping those of use who are starting out on our THM journey – and I’m sure those who have been on it for longer as well.

    I recently bought an 8 qt. Instant Pot, so any accessories for that would be absolutely wonderful.

    Merry Christmas!

  75. I think the opportunity to be gifted the air fryer would be wonderful. I have seen some pretty yummy looking recipes and would love to try them.

  76. I have been really wanting a donut pan or one of those electric donut makers! I have seen some great THM recipes for donuts I’d love to try! Also on my list is a frother! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas! I hope your hand gets better soon!

  77. Merry Christmas !
    If I had a secret Santa send me a gift it would be
    THM collagen powder, any THM protein powders, baking blend, or any of their products.
    I pray that your hands will heal soon so that you can continue to make delicious food for your family and for all of us to get the benefit of your recipes. 😊

  78. I’d appreciate some THM products I haven’t been able to try yet: Baobab Boost Powder, THM Chocolate Chips, Noodles, skin care stuff, etc.

  79. Food Items I would like are, THM chocolate chips, collagen, and sunflower lecithin.
    non food, I could really use a good food processor!

  80. I would love to have some whey protein powder! Its the one thing I find it hard to budget for, but I love the treats it helps me make!

  81. I would love a THM pantry restock! so many things I would love to try like their Oolong tea and baobab powder! I am obsessed with the strawberry and chocolate whey protein but never can order enough! The MCT oil, the new noodles! SO so many things I’d love to be surprised with! Thanks for the opportunity! Even to just daydream about it is fun! =)

  82. I would love to have a decent blender. My blender is on its last leg, so a new one would be a great blessing. Thanks!
    By the way, I’ll be praying for your wrist and hand.

  83. Lily’s chocolate chips and an insta pot. Oh, and small scoops for flour and sugar (I mean, Baking Blend and Gentle Sweet!).

  84. I would love Santa bring me a new apron, mixing bowls, and measuring tools (cups, spoons, etc.), and a cookbook holder.

  85. I sure could use a fitbit, an electric spiralizer, sugar-free healthy chocolate chips, or silicone muffin pans from Secret Santa. Thanks for doing this.

  86. Hi! I’ve visited your blog a few times through yummy recipes on Pinterest. I am such an indecisive person that I had to read through all the comments to figure out what I most wanted from a secret Santa. It’s still a tossup! But I have been wanting an air fryer for a long time, so that’s one choice. But I’ve also been wanting a Cafe Casa Milk Frother for a while too! So that’s my 2nd Secret Santa wish.
    Thanks for all the recipes you share with us and for this generous giveaway!

  87. I like the fitbit. I already have a 6 quart instant pot but i dont have extra seals. that would be a blessing. The electric spirilizer sound fun too and easy

  88. I would be really blessed with new pot holders or a mini instant pot (my Crock-Pot stopped working but I was kindly given a small one 🙂 merry Christmas and thanks for blessing others!

  89. I don’t have an instapot or airfryer or cook book holder lol. but if I win I’d just leave it up to you, that way it’d be a real Christmas present never knowing what’s inside ❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎊🎉❤️🎄🎄🎊

  90. My family always did secret Santa when I was a kiddo, we just called it secret friends! We’d give little gifts to our secret friend all through the advent season, than a big gift for Christmas. Such find memories you have brought back! Santa would be awesome to bring me a coffee frothier and/or collagen! Heal up soon, Merry Christmas

  91. I’d have a hard time narrowing it down! Chocolate chips are high on the list. An air fryer would be a possibility. Or just staple thm pantry items!

  92. Thank you for a great site. I would like a THM butterfly sipper–pretty, and a good reminder everyday of the beauty in all things!

  93. Thank you for the blessing of a giveaway! May your arm heal quickly so you can get back to the joys of baking. The Lord knows the desires of your heart. 🙂 I would be so excited to win anything, really! Some ideas: THM whey protein powder–any and all flavors, THM or Lily’s chocolate chips, 32oz dry ingredient vitamix container (My husband is getting me a Vitamix from our neighbor for Christmas!), glass gallon jar/jug to hold cranberry wassail (or other) concentrate in the fridge. Or a stand mixer–kitchen aid too pricey, but I know there are others. Just haven’t researched them! 🙂 Be blessed! <3

  94. I would absolutely love and appreciate an air fryer, I have been wanting one for a long time. But I’d be happy with anything to help with THM. Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas!

  95. Sorry to hear about your arm- prayers it heals quickly so you can get going in the kitchen. I’ve never purchased the THM choco chips or Lily’s so I’d like to try one of these. Also think an air fryer would be awesome!!

  96. Thank you so much for your kind offer! I’d love to have an air fryer or a food processor. I read them mentioned being used in several recipes but I don’t have them to use. I do hope that your hand and wrist continue to heal completely so you can get back to creating your wonderful recipes! Thanks again!

  97. I would love to get the workins system,mct oil, glucci,or any of the protein powders . Havnt been able to try any of them yet..

  98. Lots of great suggestions in your post. First thing that came to mind was the chocolate and/or strawberry THM whey protein. Coffee frother would be fun, small, and useful with making things with the whey protein or baobab powder without dirtying nutribullet pieces. The orange cream THM face cream and chapsticks are wonderful, too.

  99. What a kind and fun giveaway! My wish would be either
    1 a Fitbit I have wanted one for a long time
    2 an extra insert for my 6 quart instant pot. Didn’t know they had extras!

  100. I would love collagen, cuffin mix, protein powder, bakers blend, gentle sweet. Anything secret Santa would want to bless me with.

  101. From Secret Santa I would love any Instant Pot accessory to go along with the IP I’m receiving for Christmas from my husband (he can’t keep a secret). Truthfully I would like all of the items so whatever I get I would be blessed to receive. Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. I would love to in some special ingredients like chocolate chips, baobab boost powder, collagen, or baking blend. A Blendtec Twister Jar would also be fun.

  103. I would enjoy receiving the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook, chocolate chips, baking blend, gentle sweet, or pure stevia extract powder. 🙂

  104. I would love to try the Baobab Powder! I also am interested in the air fryer or instapot. I didn’t think I wanted the instapot because I LOVE my slow cooker, but it may be good for the days I don’t plan well! lol Have a Merry Christmas!

  105. I would love to have the new Trim Healthy Table cookbook, or some Integral Collagen, or to try the new Boabab powder and THM chocolate chips.
    Thank You!!
    May you have a Merry & Blessed Christmas!!!

  106. I would like my Secret Santa to bring me a WONDERFULLY MADE & DEARLY LOVED cookbook 😉 hint, hint! Other than that, maybe silicone chocolate chip molds or some new hot pads–you can NEVER has too many hot pads!!!

  107. I’d love to have a teal actifry with the ceramic basket and a 6qt instant pot or Vitamix or Blendtec blender especially if it has sound cover. I could go on. 😂Thanks so much.

  108. I wouldn’t love my secret santa to bring me an instant pot and some delicious trim healthy chocol chips. Thank you for all the hard work you do to bring us delicious food!

  109. What a fun idea! So many gifts from which to choose! 🎄
    I think I’ll join the majority & say an air fryer.
    I do 💕 me some “fried” food (without the grease!)

  110. THM special Ingredients like collagen, just gelatin, whey, and or sweeteners. I’ve not yet tried the cuffin mixes or the flavored protein powders. Anything at all really! Thank u for your generosity!

  111. Oh my goodness girl! We’d LOVE an instant pot because this momma is always thinking about cooking at the last possible minute, but I know my family would also love an air fryer. Or any yummy THM treats. Thanks so much!

  112. MY first wish would be for a new stove! Seriously! Lol! After that, I’ve been wanting the MCT oil or sunflower lecithin. I’ve added them to my cart several times but have to be very careful with my budget, as I’m sure you do as well. Thank you for this fun giveaway and for your blog! Prayers for healing!! ❤️

  113. I would love for my secret Santa to bring me THM supplies and all cookbooks paralleling with the THM lifestyle (also including th Trim Healthy Table). I can’t afford those extra items, so I would love to be blessed with them. 💞

  114. My second spiralizer broke last week, so I could really use one of those! Or Santa could indulge my sweet tooth with THM chocolate chips and the new extracts when they’re available. What a fun contest! Prayers for healing!

  115. I’m pretty new to THM and I’m working on getting the special ingredients in my pantry. I’ve got gelatin, MCT oil and whey protein powder so far, but my budget limits me to only getting a few things at a time. So any of the special ingredients (Baobab, collagen, special sweet, baking flours etc) would be fantastic!

  116. The air fryer would be amazing! However, I would be just as happy with anything. Thank you for this giveaway! Have a Merry Christmas!

  117. SO many good choices! I think either an instant pot (I’m usually a last minute person deciding on dinner!) or an air fryer (which my kids would love).

  118. I forgot to say what I would want, umm so to be honest I would appreciate any of these, but I have never ever tried Lily’s chocolate so that would be nice. 🙂 Chocolate makes everything better right? Anyway, sorry for the double post.

  119. This is a very creative giveaway. Thank you for doing it. I think I would like some specialty thm products that I haven’t tried or are usually not in the budget when I am buying things that are a staple.

  120. Well of course a Vitamix would be the bomb but I would also love to try some healthier flavorings (Carmel) like you can get at olivenation.co I’d also love some sprouted flours.

  121. (Praying for healing for your hand/wrist, and the ability to get things accomplished during this busy season ❤️)
    What a great idea for a giveaway!
    I think I would use a FitBit the most. I’ve never had one and I need some motivation to be more active. I would be appreciative of anything on this list however, depending on what’s on sale. 😁

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