When Life Goes Sideways

When Life Goes Sideways

I have to apologize for being so quiet lately, Life went a bit sideways during January and February.

To explain a bit, we were buying our house through assuming someone else’s contract, as our closing date approached we were communicating with the landowner. Only to find out that the contract we “thought” we had was invalid as the man we assumed the contract from passed away last year. Sadly, His will was not probated properly and closing on our home became impossible.

My husband and I scrambled to find a new place to call home. We chose to go with a “fixer” mobile home in a better area of town. Through God’s works as well as some amazing angels we secured that home. 

Because it was a “fixer” we went into this project knowing that work was going to need to be done and quickly. The week after we closed Rick had to go out-of-town for work, leaving me home alone to work on things with friends and family.

We have been struggling with major water issues within this home, mobile home hot water heaters are some of the most expensive out there, coupled with having to repair broken pipes, remove old carpet, install flooring and fix and paint every single room.

Life sure has a way of throwing you curve balls when you can least afford it and in the most untimely of circumstances. I’m struggling a bit to stay on plan, but doing the best I can day by day… Please keep us in your prayers.

I will probably be hit and miss with blogging for a few more weeks due to having to work on the new house as well as pack the 4 years of “stuff” we have accumulated here.

Some of the Positives to this Move are:

I can declutter and get rid of things we don’t need or use

I get a dedicated work space for my blogging and crafts

We are moving to a much safer neighborhood

The house won’t need major repairs for a while

We will actually have neighbors and not a public laundromat

We will have a larger living space

I’m also getting a larger kitchen with amazing work flow possibilities

As you can see from the photos it is becoming our home 1 project/paycheck at a time.

Be Blessed and I will be back really soon with more updates.

Through ALL of Life’s Journey God has us in his hands and keeps blessing us with amazing progress, friends and helping hands.

Please keep praying that we get through this with the least amount of headaches and heartaches possible.


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