New Beginnings & THM in 2017

My personal Newbeginnings & THM in 2017

New Beginnings are not the endings of your goals and paths. They bring new focus, a breath of fresh air and a new sense of purpose to us.

New Beginnings in 2017

I will continue on my journey to Trim and Healthy following the Trim Healthy Mama plan. Refreshing my commitment to myself and my family for healthier choices.

I want to Introduce some of my Soap Making and Skin Care recipes here.


Ways that I begin anew each year change. Last year I wrote this post about How I Am Restarting Trim Healthy Mama in 2016. It got such an amazing response that I was humbled and thankful that it helped so many.

This year I am planning new beginnings in these areas of my THM journey:

Meal Planning


Focusing more of my meals on Deep S and E meals

Non Scale Victories

Food logging

The holidays tend to derail many a mama, me included. So it’s time to focus a bit … plan ahead and embrace that new beginning!!.

I look forward to Make Ahead Mondays and Wonderful Wednesdays both of these series of blog posts and link ups has inspired me to be a bit more diligent in writing here.

New Beginnings in Blogging for 2017

Glycerine Soap Making

Handmade and Hand Milled Soap

Other bath and body care items

I have made soap and skin care items for about 26 years. I’m really looking forward to adding this side of me here.

Have you had a new beginning in your journey or in your life?

Both Rick and I have had multiple new beginnings in our lives. Divorce is never a fun thing nor can it diminish the memories whether they are good or bad and we all have both.

The hurt and pain in those losses is real for both parties. I’d like to share something very personal; I’m a survivor of emotional and physical abuse…

Do I hate my ex nope, I actually pray for him often. It took a while for the forgiveness to find its way into my heart, but it did (drugs do horrible things to people) Will I forget the abuse, no.

May God bless Rick for putting up with the aftermath of that (I still struggle with self worth, self esteem and feeling like everything is my fault). Meeting my husband was a New beginning in learning to love myself.

I have some fun printables coming for food logging and meal planning. Both of these areas are ones that I struggle with. So with the new year comes a new beginning of planned meal planning and logging my meals and blood sugars. It’s the only way I know to keep myself “on track” and moving in a positive direction.


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9 thoughts on “New Beginnings & THM in 2017

  1. What a great post! I’m in a transition time right now and it’s so encouraging to hear other’s stories of their new beginnings. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Food logging — Have you found a food logger that tells you the carbs / fats per meal? That would make it so much easier to say, “Yep, this was an E (or S or Crossover, etc.)” I have found that on a per-day basis, but not per meal.

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