Printable Freezer Labels (THM Friendly)

So just to help out for your bulk cooking needs, I designed these Printable Freezer Labels ! They work awesome in your Trim and Healthy Lifestyle.

Disclosure Statement

I love bulk cooking meals ahead of time, and putting together crock pot and freezer meals from sites like

Mixing with Michelle

Darcie’s Dishes

Mrs. Criddles Kitchen

The Coers Family

  Working At Homeschool

and all the other wonderful THM Bloggers that share Freezer Meals.

And there is a section for crock pot meals in the Trim Healthy Mama Book !!

Check it out on Pages 308-315 … and the Hearty Oven Meals from Pages 316-327.

 It saves so much time and takes the stress out of meal times to use these Printable Freezer Labels.


Printable Freezer Labels for THM PrintableFreezerLabel

By using these Printable Freezer Labels you can be sure to use what needs to be used first as well as have all of the meal type information and directions all in one place!!

How AWESOME is that!!!


No More trying to cram the information into that little space that is on freezer bags

No More taping instructions on the top of foil/ glass containers only to have them fall off


I’ve made these Printable Freezer Labels available in a PDF format so that you can print them on a sheet of sticker paper and just apply them to the appropriate meals. I have also printed them on regular paper and tapped them to boxes of Minute Rice Medley and things in my pantry that go together with meat from the freezer… (I put a rubber band around everything for that meal first)

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but honestly when my boys were younger they would eat 1-2 things that I had bought for something specific… I’d go to make it and BAM… I’m missing an ingredient.

So by grouping things together they would know not to mess with those items, which solved that problem. It also helped me not have to run to the store or scramble to find something else for dinner after working all day.



So Give them a Try!! and let me know how they work out for you 🙂

 We always appreciate any orders for your Trim Healthy Mama supplies through our affiliate link!!

Thank You!!

 You can order the sticker sheets here through Amazon, or pick them up at your local Office Supply



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