5 Ways to use Matcha Green Tea

Ways T o Use Matcha Green Tea with Trim Healthy Mama and other Healthy Eating Plans

I have been experimenting with Matcha Green Tea in some recipes. Which means I can Share with you the 5 ways I use Matcha Green Tea !

For the other Trim Healthy Mama’s that read my blog …

I stumbled upon this video of the sisters using Matcha Green Tea while making pudding…

I’ve been seeing lots of posts about wasa crackers covered in “skinny chocolate”, so I figured I would take it up a notch  so that we could all enjoy Chocolate Peanut Butter Wasa Bark.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Wasa Bark {Diabetic Friendly, THM S} Serving size is 1 whole cracker for S, 2 would be a Crossover)

DSC_0075I used this Peanut Butter Candy  recipe and dumped it over wasa light rye crackers, put in the freezer til hard


Made a batch of skinny chocolate and dipped the frozen crackers in the chocolate, and placed them in the freezer until hard.

Disclosure Statement

Now the biggest issue with this tasty little treat is that it can become a cross over really fast if you are following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle like I am. Which is also where you find the Skinny Chocolate recipe… on page 371.


Be mindful of the portion size as it is really important with this snack! I did add a little something to my skinny chocolate that increases its “healthy” chocolate status ….Matcha Green Tea Powder.


 I’ve also added Matcha to Ice Cream in this Matcha Fried Ice Cream recipe…

Matcha Fried Ice Cream

And to the Creamy Vanilla Custard Shake

Creamy Vanilla custard Shake with MatchaCreamy Vanilla Custard Shake with Matcha

I make Bulletproof Matcha …


And use it in the Trimachinno recipe in place of coffee

I also make the skinny nut clusters featured in this video with matcha added into the chocolate…

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 Where to find Matcha Green Tea Powder:





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  1. All your recipes look yummy! Specially the ice cream! I’ve read lots of blogs about matcha ice cream, I haven’t tried it though. I will give it a try using your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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