Sprouted Wheat Dough

Sprouted Wheat Bagels, made from Sprouted Wheat Dough

I Love Sprouted Wheat Dough!

It has enabled me to make the baked items that my family loves and enjoys.

Soft pretzels were a treat that my mom would get for us at the mall. Smothered in mustard or cheese sauce. I now know that the cheese sauce was filled with all kinds of chemical grossness and no longer eat them that way. I used to make them often with white flour and butter… like these…pretzels

But I hadn’t figured out how to make them work within Trim Healthy Mama until today. I made a batch of  sprouted wheat dough thinking I would just make some rolls to go with Easter dinner for Shane and Rick. But then the light bulb went off and I asked Rick if he would like Bread, Rolls, Soft Pretzels or Bagels?

His response was a classic “yes….”

Since we only have three people who will be eating Easter dinner, I really didn’t need a lot of rolls. So I decided to make some Rolls, Bagels and Soft Pretzels. By splitting the sprouted wheat dough up like that I got a variety of items that will freeze well and be used in multiple settings.


Anyone following Trim Healthy Mama will tell you that sometimes it is hard to implement (E)nergizing meals and snacks. Portioning the dough and allowing it to bake in single servings is going to really help me in my journey.

Pretzels made from Sprouted Wheat Dough

I can have a pretzel or bagel with laughing cow cheese, some light lunch meat and some veggies. Or skip the laughing cow and use the hip trim honey mustard recipe from page 412 of the Trim Healthy Mama book for an (E)nergizing lunch.

How I Made Sprouted Wheat Everything Bagels

 The process for making bagels is a little different from just forming the dough and baking it. It requires the dough to be baked, boiled in a baking soda bath and then baked again. By doing this the outer crust becomes chewier and the toppings stick to the outside of the bagel without the use of extra oils or fat.

I normally use a solution of 2 quarts of water with 2 tsp of baking soda in a non aluminum pan.(baking powder does not work for this step)

Allow the dough to rise the first time, then form a smallish ball of dough into a circle by making a hole in the center with your thumbs, place on a parchment lined baking sheet and allow to rise for 60 min. Bake at 400^F for 10 minutes, remove from oven and place par baked bagels into baking soda bath, boil 2 minutes. Place back on baking sheet, top with salt, granulated garlic, dried onions etc. Bake for an additional 10-15 minutes at 400^F.

How I Made Sprouted Wheat Soft Pretzels

The soft pretzel process is somewhat a reverse of the bagel process… Boil, Top & Bake.

I use a solution of 2 quarts of water with 2 tsp of baking soda in a non aluminum pan.(baking powder does not work for this step)

I form balls of dough into the shapes I want, You can make this really fun with the kids… allow the sprouted wheat dough to rise a second time and then drop into the boiling baking soda bath. Allow to boil for 2-4 minutes, place on a parchment lined baking sheet, sprinkle with coarse Kosher Salt and Bake for 15-20 minutes at 400^F.

How I Made Sprouted Wheat Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls will be awesome with our Easter dinner and the days afterward for an energizing healthy carb option.They would also work well as clover leaf rolls or pretzel rolls (see above process).

Sprouted Wheat Rolls made with Sprouted Wheat Dough


Sprouted Wheat Dough
Nutrition Information
  • Calories: 3076
  • Fat: 36g
  • Saturated fat: 8g
  • Unsaturated fat: 23g
  • Trans fat: 3g
  • Carbohydrates: 549g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Sodium: 4772mg
  • Fiber: 24g
  • Protein: 128g
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
This versatile sprouted whole grain dough can be used to make bread loaves, soft pretzels, bagels or dinner rolls.
  • 1½ cups warm water
  • ½ cups almond milk
  • 2 TBS palm Shortening, softened
  • 2 TBS applesauce, unsweetened
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 5-6 cups sprouted wheat flour
  • 5-6 TBS vital wheat gluten, I use 1 TBS per cup of flour, Optional
  • 2 pkg yeast
  1. 1. Combine almond milk, applesauce, salt, and palm shortening in small saucepan. Heat over low heat and stir until shortening melts. Cool to lukewarm (less than 110 F).
  2. 2. If using active dry yeast, dissolve yeast in warm water in warmed bowl and
  3. let stand for 10 minutes. If using Instant Yeast, just add it to the flour and mix it in before adding liquids.
  4. 3. Add lukewarm milk mixture and water to 4½ C(1# 6 oz.) flour. Attach
  5. bowl and dough hook. Turn to speed 2 and mix 1 minute. Continuing on speed 2, add remaining flour, ½ C (2.5 oz.) at a time (slowly so it doesn’t fly out of bowl), until dough clings to hook and cleans side of bowl. Knead on speed 2 for 2 minutes longer, or until dough is smooth and elastic. Dough will be slightly sticky to the touch.
  6. 4. Place in a greased bowl, turning to grease top. Cover; let rise in warm place, free from draft, until doubled in bulk, about an hour.
  7. Punch dough down and divide. Allow to rise in a draft free place for an additional 1hour.
  8. 6. Bake at 400^ F for 30 minutes.
This dough needs to be sticky when it is set to rise. Sprouted wheat flour tends to soak in more moisture than refined white four. The extra moisture will allow the bread to rise higher and lighter in texture.
** At times it may take slightly longer than 60 minutes in the second rise for the bread to rise to full height. Whole grain/sprouted flours such as these do tend to be shorter/denser loaves than those made with white flour.

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23 thoughts on “Sprouted Wheat Dough

  1. SO excited to find this recipe! I’m getting ready to try making my own sprouted flour and now I KNOW what my first recipe will be. I’ve been buying sprouted rolls from Sam’s and they are good but this will be much better!

  2. Does anyone know what the net carb count for this recipe would be? Still trying to figure out how this fits with the Trim Healthy Mama plan: would it be less than the 6g net carbs per slice/roll/pretzel that they recommend as “low carb” bread? Could you eat one slice of bread in an “S” meal setting?

    1. Hi Sarah, This bread recipe is an E recipe. Sprouted grains like this are a great way to add in those elusive e meals. The carbs are too high in this for it to be used in an S setting.

      1. Unless I’m mistaken, THM guidelines say that the Joseph’s brand tortillas & pitas are low carb and can be used sparingly in S settings as they are 6g net carbs each, and that is the target to shoot for. What are the specific numbers for this recipe? How much can be eaten with an E meal without going over the 45g carb limit?

        1. Hi Sarah,
          Yes in an S setting THM recommends that store bought items be kept to 6g carbs per meal. However this is an E bread and falls into the 45g carb limit for an E meal… Depending on how thick you cut your slices of bread would determine your serving size… normally I use 2 moderate slices from a loaf… for bagels, soft pretzels and dinner rolls it is going to depend on how large you portion the dough before baking if it is 1 serving or more. This recipe makes approximately 32 slices of bread per batch if made into loaves.

  3. Hi Judy, Question if you get 32 slices of bread from a batch, would you make 32 balls for soft pretzels & rolls?

          1. Thanks Judy. Could I use this recipe to make pretzel & rolls? Would I still make 32 balls, or would it be less because there is less flour? Would you know how many balls for that recipe. Thank you so much for your help. Could I make the bagels with this recipe?

          2. When I make Bagels and Rolls I normally split the dough into 16-20 balls just because it makes for a more realistic serving, however you can split it into 32 and still get a nice variety of pretzels, bagels and rolls. You can definitely make bagels with this recipe 🙂

  4. Hi Judy,

    I just found this lovely recipe and I’m so excited to try it! Do you recommend a particular yeast or is any kind acceptable?

    Thanks so much!!

  5. Hello Judy,
    I am excited about this recipe. Although I don’t have palm shortening, can you use butter? Since this recipe makes 32 slices, which would be 16 servings, could I also make the bagels/pretzels into 16 servings?

    1. you sure can use butter in place of the shortening and yes I would make sure you get a minimum of 16 servings from forming the dough 🙂

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