A New Chapter in Life

A New Chapter in Life

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted lately, I have been missing writing. With sadness in my heart I must share that my Mom passed on April 10,2014. I’ve been in Kentucky with my siblings celebrating her life and laying her to rest next to my Dad. And so begins A New Chapter in Life… without my parents.

I have shared with you that my mom battled type 1 diabetes through her adult life. She struggled with diet and exercise as well as other health issues. God granted me the ability to say my goodbyes and to be with her at her death. She waited until I got there (I had to travel 8 hours one way) and passed about 10 -15 minutes after I arrived at her bedside with my sister.

This last week has been filled with grief and bittersweet memories as we were going through the family photo albums. I was able to see and visit with both my brothers and my sister, we hadn’t all been together since my Dad’s funeral 3 years ago.

I’m going to miss my parents so very much, but know that they are in God’s loving embrace and together again through him. Please bear with me through the grief process and know that much of what I share here is influenced by growing up in a home that was directly affected by this disease.

A New Chapter in Life

So begins the new chapter of my life, without my parents guidance. Even as an adult I spoke with my parents regularly, asking their opinions, receiving their input and discussing my options. Through the last few years my mom wasn’t able to give a lot of those things because of dementia, but the lessons of my youth are still very strong in my daily life.

I am recommitting to my health and well being knowing that my mom was someone who always tried to do the best she could in those areas. This also means going to the doctor more regularly and making sure that I take my meds as prescribed (which is something I struggle with) because I honestly will fore-go taking anything if I can.

Thank you so much for your understanding and all the prayers for my mom.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Judy. I know I expressed it before on your regular Facebook page, but I really am sorry. It’s hard to lose a parent. My mom has been gone since March 9, 2001, and my dad left to be with Jesus three years yesterday.

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