Meal Prep Monday- Instant Pot

Meal Prep Monday in my Instant Pot.

Welcome to Meal Prep Monday. Today we are going to use the Instant Pot to prep some meals, snacks and core ingredients.
When I first began my Trim Healthy Mama journey, I wasn’t much of a meal planner or a prep a head kind of mama. I’d grab a bunch of prepackaged junk and eat that. Three years later, I prep on plan meals and snacks most Mondays to get me through the week. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and am on my own mission to be Trim and Healthy.

If you are interested in following Trim Healthy Mama you can find the plan book as well as the cookbook on Amazon.

(This post does contain affiliate links, please know that I do make a small commission when you purchase through these links; however it does not change your cost and blesses our family with the ability to continue this blog and all of its activities)

The Trim Healthy Mama Books

I can’t speak highly enough about this Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book. I absolutely love that it has sample menus that correlate with the companion cookbook. And that it also outlines ways in which to be budget savvy with your menu choices, follow “Purist” or”Drive Thru Sue” lifestyles in a fun and easy to read format.

The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is one of my all time favorites. With so many recipes that are referenced in the sample menus at the ends of correlating chapters in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book. It make starting Trim Healthy Mama easy and helps you to see what works in what meal setting without worry of “doing it wrong”.



 I dearly love my original Trim Healthy Mama Book! It enabled me to begin to regulate my type 2 diabetes without having to give up my love of baked goods. Has made feeding my husband healthy meals easy and fun. We have lowered our blood pressures, high cholesterol and manage diabetes without worry.

This weeks THM Meal Prep Monday Recipes

 This week I’m going to share some posts with you about how I make Homemade Yogurt in My Instant Pot, Instant Pot Turkey Breast from The Healthy Milestone , and Steaming Eggs in My Instant Pot. We are also going to look at some of my favorite recipes from the cookbook and the original Trim Healthy Mama book that can be prepared in the instant pot.

This is the Instant Pot Duo60 7 in 1 that I own


Homemade Yogurt in My Instant Pot

First up we are going to talk about yogurt. When I got my Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker one of the first things I did was to make yogurt. I’ve made crock pot yogurt in the past and while the time is similar one thing that having the yogurt setting helps with is keeping the pot at the correct temperature during the fermentation/culturing process. This is difficult with oven processing and with crock pot processing.

I go into the full process of how I make Homemade Yogurt in My Instant Pot here. I do make my yogurt Fuel Pull as much as possible, by using skim milk and processing some of it into jigglegurt cups. You can find the Jigglegurt recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

The recipes that I normally prepare ahead with Homemade Yogurt are:Homemade Yogurt from My Instant Pot (THM FP)

  • Jigglegurt — Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
    • Blended Yogurt Cups (similar to oikos triple zero)
    • Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt Cups
  • As a sour cream replacement
  • Ranch Dressing (I use these Homemade Ranch Seasoning Packets)
    • Ranch dip for my veggies
  • Cheesecake
  • Frosting
  • Glazes

Instant Pot Turkey Breast (from The Healthy Milestone)

As Thanksgiving was approaching this year I started eyeing the bone in Turkey Breasts at the grocery store. My thoughts on this were that buying a couple of them while they are on sale I will have lean protein whenever we want it. The bones from the breast also go into my instant pot duo60 7 in 1 to make bone broth (I will tell you more on that in my next Make Ahead Monday post)

I found this great article about how to make an Instant Pot Turkey Breast over at The Healthy Milestone. It worked out perfectly. We now have about 5 pounds of precooked white meat turkey. Head on over and Check out her article!!


We really loved this. It made dinner for the day as well as gave us lunches and another meal for the week. Carey’s photo is a wonderful inspiration for an E meal I threw the turkey and a chopped apple on top of some spring mix and ta da!! instant salad.

She also has a great article on Instant Pot Seasoned Chicken Breasts …


These Instant Pot Seasoned Chicken Breasts can be an S an E or a FP for Trim Healthy Mama’s. Translated into English that means high fat, low fat and low fat (wink).

The recipes that I normally prepare ahead with Instant Pot Turkey or Chicken Breasts are:

  • Chicken Salad
  • Sugar Free Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken
  • Sugar Free Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken
  • Wipe Your Mouth barbecue (THM Cookbook)
  • Cajun Cream Chicken (THM Cookbook)

Steamed Eggs in My Instant Pot

I love steamed eggs!! They peel so much easier than boiled eggs, so remember even if you don’t have an Instant Pot or yours is busy with other yumminess… Steam those Eggs

Steamed Eggs that are easy to peel and make a great low carb or Trim and Healthy snack.


The Recipes that I normally make with Steamed Eggs from my Instant Pot are:

  • Deviled Eggs
  • Mustard Eggs
  • Egg Salad
  • Egg Whites and Salsa
I will also add the yolks or sometimes even a whole steamed egg to these shakes

We keep at least a dozen steamed eggs in the fridge at all times for a quick grab and go snack or quick meal. It’s easy to throw together a big salad add a steamed egg that has been chopped, other veggies and top it all with Slim Belly Vinaigrette. Super simple nothing over the top but satisfying and filling.

I hope you have enjoyed Meal Prep Monday this week and that you plan to join in next week when we delve into spices and seasonings and how to prep ahead for the week to come.

Meal Prep Monday in my Instant Pot for my Trim Healthy Mama Journey.

11 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday- Instant Pot

  1. 100 pounds?! That’s amazing! Good for you! It really is amazing how meal planning can help you lose weight and save money. I keep saying that I’m going to start one. Maybe it will be my New Year’s resolution this year!

    1. I’m not very good at it, but following this way of eating has really helped me a lot. And my Instant Pot has made such a great tool in helping me have meals and snacks ready in no time at all. I think everyone needs one 😀 !!

  2. I’ve never had a pressure cooker before, but my boss has one and he went through a phase of cooking stuff in their. I would like to learn how to use one. Seems pretty handy!

    1. Putthe chicken in your pot, add the salsa process on high for 15 min and then stir in the cream cheese (it will scorch and seperate if you add it sooner)

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