90 Day THM Plan Challenge, Yes I Can

90 Day THM Plan Challenge the the #THMFluffyChallenge Goroup

90 Day THM Plan is a challenge to stay on Plan for 90 days following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. Are you up for the challenge?

Beginning Sunday October 1, 2017 the women in The THM Very Fluffy Challenge Group (unofficial) are embarking on a 90 Day THM Plan challenge.

We are going to stay on plan through the 2017 Holiday Season.

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What is the 90 Day THM Plan Challenge?

This challenge is to follow the Trim Healthy Mama Plan for 90 days.

It includes daily check ins, meal planning ideas, recipes from your favorite bloggers as well as from all 3 of the Trim Healthy Mama Books which include recipes. including the new Trim Healthy Table Cookbook


Trim Healthy Mama Books

Some members also belong to the Trim Healthy Mama Membership Site and will utilize that for their personal meal planning.

We respect copyrighted materials and do not share screenshots or recipes or other content without giving credit where credit is due. 

The wonderful women of the THM Very Fluffy Challenge Group (unofficial) love to share encouragement with each other.

We post photos of our meals when we can, share ideas for getting through some of those rough patches and we don’t let ourselves be run over by the “off plan” wagon.

We pick up, we persevere and we get back on plan as soon as possible!

What is a Fluffy Mama?

Fluffy Mama’s can be defined as those that have 50 + pounds to release. Please note that many of our mama’s including myself have over 100 to release many times with other issues.

If you have 50 pounds or more to release please come join in.

If you have released 50 pounds or more while following Trim Healthy Mama, please come join in and help inspire those of us still on the journey to Trim.

As adults we all must take responsibility for our actions and our inactions. This small group has been a joy to be a part of as we celebrate victories and pray when people are in need. 

This group is a “Grace filled place” with no room for negativity, off plan recipes or harsh responses.

Can I join the 90 Day THM Plan Challenge if I’m Not Fluffy?

Sure you can! Grab your books, log into your member account and start planning to be on plan for 90 days with us! You Can use the Hashtag #YesICan or #90DaysTHM on social media.

If you see those hashtags, ENCOURAGE that mama!! Congratulate her and Celebrate #FoodFreedom with the rest of the Trim Healthy Mama community.

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