Baking THM Style

My Tips and Tricks to baking THM Style

I’m baking THM style this holiday season. Making healthy treats and sweets for myself and my husband is really important during the Christmas season. Naturally regulating our blood sugars helps to control our diabetes.

The Different Areas of Baking THM Style

Alternative Sweeteners

Using alternative sweeteners like stevia, Erythritol,Xylitol, Swerve, Pyure and the various Trim Healthy Mama products helps control blood sugar spikes.

Alternative sweeteners are a diabetic’s best friend when it comes to holiday treats. When used correctly they open the door to cookies, cakes, fudge and candy. While we shouldn’t abuse those treats the Trim Healthy Mama plan allows us to have the Food Freedom to enjoy them alongside our family and friends.

One of the biggest hurdles that people find when switching to alternative sweeteners is finding the one that works the best for them. We all have unique tastes and family circumstances that affect our decisions. Baking THM style with these alternatives can be challenging at first, Please don’t give up!

If you are struggling with the alternative sweeteners please read Baking with Sugar Alternatives.

Remember that homemade sweetener blends can act and taste differently than commercially produced blends.

Some Notes About Sweeteners

Xylitol – Xylitol is toxic to household pets (cats, dogs, ferrets). Please use caution when using it, if you have fur babies that sneak snacks etc to ensure their safety.

Chickory Root – This alternative can cause gas, cramping and diarrhea. If you are finding that this is an issue check the ingredients of your sweetener and your 000 yogurt. Personally, I have to steer clear of anything that contains this ingredient.

This Low Carb Brown Sugar is a staple in my kitchen.

Low Carb Bwon Sugar (THM S. Low Carb, Gluten Free)

THM Liquid SweetenerI also make this Stevia Sweet Juice Concentrate to use as a liquid sweetener in my drinks and skinny chocolates, fudge and frosting.

I’ve switched to using the THM Pure Stevia Extract from the Now brand but either will work.

This liquid stevia sweet juice concentrate is awesome in sweet tea and really helps to keep my skinny chocolates and fudge creamy and delicious.

Why not give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

This Sweetener Conversion Chart from Trim Healthy Mama is a wonderful tool to convert your sweetener measurements.

Alternative Flours

Alternative flours such as coconut, almond, oat fiber and flax act much differently than wheat flour. Sprouted flours also tend to produce a different texture and taste.

One of the best tips I can give you is to use a mixture of these alternative flours so that you can obtain the best texture in your baked goods. Personally, whenever our budget allows I stock up on THM Baking Blend.

Low Carb Bakers Blend (THM FP, Gluten Free) Great for Trim and Healthy Baking

While many of the homemade blends like my Low Carb Bakers Blend are similar, they can sometimes act a bit differently in recipes.

Just a note — This mix came about because my husband cannot tolerate gluccomanan.

Some of the discussions I’ve seen are that many of these mixes contain too much xanthan gum or gluccomanan in them. So if that is a concern you can leave it out of the mix and add it to individual recipes as needed.

You can see the texture in these Home-style Dinner Rolls.



 When grains are an issue for you Jennifer over at A Home With Purpose has a “grain free” Mama’s Baking Mix. I have had good luck using Jennifer’s mix in most of my recipes.

If you need a “nut free” baking mix you can check out Briana’s Baking mix.






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