Blueberry Coconut Snack Cakes

Blueberry Coconut Snack Cakes

My snack cake loving hubby strikes again… with the inspiration of these Blueberry Coconut Snack Cakes.

As I was cleaning the kitchen last night … Rick walks up behind me and hugs me and says… “watcha doin'”? I turned replied, “trying to figure out what to make with all these blueberries”. He got a big old smile on his face and said you could make Blueberry “Twinkies”…

So I tried making these blueberry coconut snack cakes with beans, but that didn’t work out, not sure what I did wrong but the were kind of gross and never really got done in the middle.

 Yep ingredients in the trash, which is always a bummer.

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The Search for a Cake Recipe

Today I started searching for cake recipes that used coconut flour, it’s less expensive (if the recipe doesn’t turn out). I grabbed my Trim Healthy Mama Book and landed on page 264 with the Light White Muffins (S) recipe. Looking it over “yeah it should work just fine for snack cakes” .

Baking with store-bought coconut flour can be a little tricky. It is such a fickle ingredient… some days it absorbs tons of liquid while others it doesn’t.The basic rule of thumb is to use 1/3 cup coconut flour for each cup of all-purpose flour. You also have to double the eggs and increase the liquid in most recipes. It’s pretty crazy. Coconut flour does have a slightly different texture but it gives fluffiness to baked goods that almond flour doesn’t.

For Trim Healthy Mama’s coconut flour is always an S.

I had all the ingredients so I went to mixing up the batter.  I folded  1 cup of blue berries into the batter before spooning it into my snack cake pan. And Blueberry Coconut Snack Cakes were born.

Baked them for about 25-28 minutes. and decided on a cream cheese frosting.

I’m thinking these will work great for a quick breakfast and Rick can grab one or two with his coffee in the morning on his way to work

I can pack these Blueberry Coconut Snack Cakes in his lunch for a sweet treat while he’s at work. And they make a lighter dessert that we can enjoy in the evening after a satisfying dinner.


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