Soap, Skin Care and Candle Making Restart

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap

After a lot of thought and prayer, I’m considering restarting my soap making activities. I spent over 2 years creating a brand which has sat dormant due to an unsettled life. Everything was put on hold and packed away when my dad passed in 2012, taking care of my mom did not allow me enough time or space to work … then we moved to IL. After loosing both of my in-laws last year we are finding more spiritual clarity and stability in where life is taking us.

Things have been unsettled and I wasn’t comfortable promoting or selling product with the inability to consistently produce. With the decision to purchase our home and creating a workable workspace I would like to reinvest in my soaping. I hope that you will enjoy this part of who I am.

My background in soaping consists of over 25 years making melt and pour, cold process and hot process soaps. I also had started into the production of other natural based body care products and candle making.

This began as a  hobby 25 years ago when making Christmas gifts for family members (melt and pour soap). When my son Shane was born, he is very fair and sensitive skinned, so my research turned to natural skin care that he could use without issue. I have researched and developed my own natural soap bases, hand milled soaps as well as fragrance oil blends and produced glycerin soaps.

Glycerine Soap

I have missed using the ingredients that I am familiar with in these processes like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils, fragrance oils and various others. I take a lot of pride in the items that I make and share. My plan is to share some of my recipes for easy at home ways to make your skin healthy and happy.

Guiness Soap

You will see items for sale here either through our Etsy shop, buy now buttons and shopping page. Please know that your support in this area means the world to us and that I love feed back as well as suggestions, so please share with us.

My husband and I enjoy making soy based candles and wax melts, so keep your eyes peeled for those as well, and watch for some really nice warmers both for essential oils and wax melts.

I will still be sharing my Trim Healthy Mama journey and the recipes that I make and use with you, along with how we work the plan.


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