Sunday Morning Scramble

Sunday Morning Scramble

Sunday Morning Scramble was born out of necessity, scrambling to eat a healthy breakfast and then heading out the door to church. How many families go through that battle?

I started steaming my radishes so that they are partially cooked and can be fried up as needed in a hurry. I  love making a “hash” with radishes, mushrooms and onion to go with my eggs. Seasoned with turmeric, salt and pepper and fried in coconut oil or red palm oil they are a tasty side to my simple scramble of eggs or egg whites along with my Trimmy Rich. 

This has is something that can be tweaked with any non starchy vegetables that you have left over from the night before or even a day or two ago… You can even mix everything together and make a frittata by pouring your eggs over the hash mixture and cooking everything through.

Make up a simple batch of bread in a mug or any on plan S style bread.

This morning was a normal Sunday here. In keeping with the “Pretty Plate” theme I started last week I’m sharing my plate with you this morning. If you haven’t had a chance to share your pretty plate, please head over to our Facebook Page and share your photos, recipe links and thoughts.

Grab some ideas from others and enjoy the journey :).

Please give credit for the recipes if they are not your own…we all like to be recognized for our creativeness.

This weeks Pretty Plate posts ….





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