Sugar Free Cream Filled Snack Cakes

Sugar Free Cream Filled Snack Cakes

As we all know my dearest husband is a snack cake lover. I’ve been making lots of different twinkie styled snack cakes for him. These Sugar Free Cream Filled Snack Cakes are for the ladies at our local Trim Healthy Mama meeting in Crystal Lake, IL. If you live close enough to attend we would love to have you. You can join the McHenry County Facebook group here.

I enjoy cooking for others and like to share things that work with our family. So this week I decided to make some Sugar Free Cream Filled Snack Cakes to take along. I used the cake recipe from the Sugar Free Chocolate Snack Cakes but changed the pan I used. Now you can make something similar in a standard muffin pan but the sides of the cakes will be beveled instead of straight.

The Recipe for the cakes was from this post

Sugar Free Chocolate Snack Cakes Low Carb THM S

To put the filling in the middle I used this

I know it sounds weird but just changing the style of pan makes it a new and interesting treat. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the muffin in a muffin in a mug recipes and I use them often, in my coffee mugs. These sugar free cream filled snack cakes are an occasional treat for me.  They should not be used as a meal because while they do contain protein and some carbs they don’t have all the vitamins and nutrients that a balanced on plan meal has.

Just like the chocolate snack cakes, these should be limited to 1 cake per serving. With the use of beans it would be easy to go into a crossover by eating more than 1.  I pack these into Rick’s lunch along with whatever else he is having that day, unless it is an E lunch, These cakes are an S. He also enjoys them for a bedtime snack. I normally use them as a dessert which means that I may indulge about 2-3 times a week.


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