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Welcome to the New Year Edition of the Wonderful Wednesday Link Up

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This week we are celebrating the New Year and New Beginnings. Many Mama’s following THM are either re-reading their books like I am, starting their THM Journey or Restarting after the holidays. What a great way to begin 2017!

I posted about How I am getting  Back to Trim Healthy Mama Basics. You may want to check that one out. 

Back to Trim Healthy Mama Basics 2017

Keri over at My Table for Three has this wonderful Healthy Asian Recipe Round up

 Renee Has this Great  List about Her Favorite THM S Foods

 One of my favorite go to Lists for Simple Everyday Dinners is right here.

Simple Everyday Dinners That Follow A Trim Healthy Mama LifestyleThoughts on the New Year and Restarting  THM

Grab some of these ideas and work them into your meal planning for the weeks to come and tada instant success. Healthy on plan meals and snacks for the whole family.

Don’t get overwhelmed and bogged down with over thinking your meals and snacks, that will get us in trouble every time. Keep things simple, stay focused on your S and E meals. Enjoy your journey, because life is way to short not too. Check out the Trim Healthy Mama Website and hey maybe even sign up for the Memberships site.

Make sure you sign up for my newsletter so that you can get the free Journey Binder Printable. Drink your water and your Good Girl Moonshine, Singing Canary and Shrinker. Detox from the off plan foods and know that we are all cheering you on and lifting you up through your journey.

Are You Challenging Yourself this New Year?

Embrace the Challenge of eating your veggies, drinking more water, limiting your coffee and staying on plan. What’s one Challenge that you have set for yourself this week?

Let’s see what get’s linked up to start your New Year off Right.


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