Back to Trim Healthy Mama Basics

Back to Trim Healthy Mama Basics 2017

Every so often I have to get back to the trim healthy basics. What does that mean?

Well for me it is reviewing my menu plans and making sure that I’m not overdoing things like dairy, nuts and seeds.

I love cheese of all sorts but quite honestly it can cause me some major issues with stalled losses along with the fact that it’s just calorie dense food.

So with those hard to shed pounds and a rebellious body, I tend to have to re-evaluate and go back to my Trim Healthy way.

I recommit to Trim Healthy Mama every January. This year I am looking at sticking to the basics, Planning a 5 Weeks to More Water Challenge and implementing the Trimmy Challenge (30 days of Trimmy Lights) as well as an Okra Challenge (1 Serving of okra per day) using these really cool Tracker Pages.

Chart Graphic

If you’d like to join me in these personal challenges just leave me a comment and hop on board!

Challenge Tracker
5 Weeks To More Water

Some of the Ways I have Recommitted to Trim Healthy Mama in My 3 Year Journey

You can read about 2016 here in how I restarted my journey to better health.

Keeping things simple really helps me to stay on track as well as keeps our budget in check, here’s another post about how I keep it simple.

Sticking to the Trim & Healthy Basics

 So many of us want to try all the latest and greatest over the top recipes, when in all reality sticking to the basics of tired and true Trim Healthy Mama recipes are where the beauty and simplicity of the plan is.

Things like:

Cottage Berry Whip

Gluccie or Glycine Puddings

Overnight Oats

Fuel Pull Salads

Tummy Tucking and Tummy Spa Ice Creams

Frappe’s and Shakes

Yogurt and Berries

Pot Roast with Radishes

Big Mac Salads

Cheeseburger Pie


Eggs and Bacon

Skinny Chocolate

It sounds pretty crazy when you start looking at that list and realize how many you have forgotten about because of that “triple fudgey brownie with cream cheese glaze” that has shown up in your news feed with a tantalizing photo.

Where Meal Planning Fits Into My Journey

Meal planning plays a major role in my ability to stay focused and on plan!

I have issues with forgetting what time it is when I am working.

To combat that I set alarms on my phone to remind me to take a break… savor my snacks and meals

Did you know that by eating at the table and making both mealtimes and snack times special, it will help with not grazing throughout the day.

I also use a menu planner like this one.

Menu Planner


Some of the Other Tools that Help in My Personal Journey

 I review my Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book. It has all of the keys to succeed included. I study this book and my original THM book regularly in this

 Unofficial Trim Healthy Mama Book Study Group

Using my Plan Book in conjunction with my Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and the Membership site I’m able to ensure that my meal plans are “on plan” and going to help me succeed.

I also have a Journey Binder that I update each year. If you sign up for the Newsletter here, there are some free Dividers and Journal pages. I really hope to see you on the email list!

I’d also like to offer this set of Binder Dividers just because not everyone likes to sign up for newsletters (I hate spam)I will share that the ones for signing up take much less ink to print.

This is the set I am personally using for 2017.

Trim Healthy Mama Journey Binder

They aren’t specific for THM so if you are following another plan, please feel free to download them also.

Here’s to New Beginnings in 2017.

Happy New Year!! 

You can find the Trim Healthy Mama Books on Amazon and on their website.

(This post does contain affiliate links, if you purchase through these links I do earn a small commission. Your pricing does not change. The commissions from these sales bless our family and allow me to continue blogging)


14 thoughts on “Back to Trim Healthy Mama Basics

  1. Hi Judy, are you sharing the pages for the water goal and trimmy challenge and menu planning? I would love to use them if you have them to share! Happy New Year and good luck with teaching your goals!

    1. If you have the THM Cookbook there are recipes in there for brownies, shakes, smoothies and even brownies that contain okra 🙂

  2. I barely got started after being introduced last Oct. To THM. I got the books and membership but forgot about myself once again! Now that the holidays are past I’m ready to commit and stay committed!! I would like to join your planning please!

  3. I feel like I need to sit down and re focus myself and my eating this Jan! I don’t feel like I particularly over indulged over Christmas, but I did get a little lax with being really healthy during December… I just feel not my best, so this has motivated me to recommit to being healthier!

  4. Trying to get on board, finally. 🙂 Bought the book last year, but didn’t get going. Just got the cookbook for dinner help. I am a drive thru Sue for sure as well as a convenience shopper. I just don’t like to cook a lot! Will follow…….

  5. the water challenge is easy. We recently gave up soda and I am now drinking 125-150 oz of H20 a day, (plus morning coffee with a scoop of collagen and some sunflower lecithin). Need more help with different ways to get the Okra in. Haven’t really tried the trimmies. Seems like they are mostly really chilled or contain chocolate. Guess I need to look into them more.

    1. Hi Karen 🙂 the trimmies are coffee — similar to bullet proof but slightly different 🙂 A great way to get okra in are the thin thick’s in the cookbook as well as the tummy spa ice cream 🙂

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