Mama’s Bake & Fry Mix

Mama's Bake & Fry Mix (low CArb, Gluten Free, THM S)

I’m excited to share my Mama’s Bake & Fry Mix in my series of Make Ahead Mixes.

Mama’s Bake & Fry Mix has been one of my go to coatings for a long time even before my Trim Healthy Mama Journey began.Disclosure Statement

 Mama’s Bake & Fry Mix has been rattling around in my kitchen for close to 10 years. It’s been something that my kids have enjoyed and even called me to ask how to make after they moved out on their own.

It has changed a bit since I started following Trim Healthy Mama with the addition of THM Baking Blend or my Low Carb Baking Mix and some tweaks on the seasonings,

It’s low carb and gluten-free and takes minutes to make up a batch. I can normally coat 2 family size packages of chicken with this along with a couple batches of fish.

Mama’s Bake & Fry Mix is a great replacement for seasoned bread crumbs and it bakes and fries up into a crispy coating on chicken, fish, pork chops, veggies and cube steak.

I’ll be adding some recipes that use Mama’s Bake and Fry Mix in the near future.

for those following THM this is an S coating.


Mama's Bake and Fry Mix
Prep time
Total time
A Satisfying low carb bake and fry mix for coating poultry, beef, pork, fish and vegetables. It also works great as a casserole topping to add texture and crunch.
Recipe type: Make Ahead Mix
Cuisine: Trim Healthy Mama
Serves: 24
  1. Place pork rinds into blender and pulse to break them up a bit.
  2. Add all ingredients to blender/processor.
  3. Pulse until combined
Use this Bake &Fry Mix to coat chicken, fish, pork, beef or veggies for a satisfying crunch.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 34 Fat: 1g Carbohydrates: 3g Sodium: 81mg Protein: 2g Cholesterol: 4mg



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Mama's Bake & Fry Mix (THM S, Gluten Free, Low Carb)

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