Favorite Bread Recipes

Favorite Bread Recipes

I’ve been asked to share my Favorite Bread Recipes. So I’m going to share my favorite bread recipes that I use for my Trim Healthy Mama Journey. Some of these recipes are low carb while others are sprouted or whole grain.

Disclosure Statement

All of these recipes fit wonderfully into a diabetic eating plan whether you follow Trim Healthy Mama or not. Some fit into low carb and ketogenic lifestyles as well as whole 30 and many other eating plans, So please  keep an open mind while reading this post.

 I have followed a lower carb lifestyle for many years before beginning Trim Healthy Mama in early 2014. In the 2 years I’ve been on plan I’ve fallen in love with sprouted flours, renewed my love of sourdough breads and experimented with different alternative flours and baking mixes.

I dearly love the THM Baking Blend but tend to run out of it often with baking breads and other yumminess in my kitchen, in those pinch moments I use this Low Carb Bakers Blend.

 There has been a huge buzz in the THM Community surrounding the Nuke Queen’s Awesome Bread recipe that Pearl posted a few weeks ago. Personally, I prefer not to bake larger loaves or cakes in my microwave. (It’s leftover Trauma from my childhood, when microwaves were new and my parents removed our oven in lue of a convection microwave and cook top that didn’t cook things properly) So just know that my opinions about this are a bit different than most.

I did however make the Nuke Bread recipe and it wasn’t horrible nor did it kill me… lol It just came out a bit wonky like anything else I’ve ever baked in the microwave. I had much better luck baking this in the oven and will be using it regularly in my THM Journey along with Bread in a Mug from the Original THM Book.

You can check out the video of how to make the Nuke Bread. (If you are a Member of the membership site please make sure you read up on Pearl’s notes about how to use this and other on plan bread recipes correctly while following Trim Healthy Mama)


I’ve been trying to make an on plan yeast bread for FP and S meals since I began my Journey in 2014. Alternative flours just don’t like to rise in the same manner that grain based breads do. So after I tried the above bread I stumbled onto something and was able to make a Basic Low Carb Yeast Bread.

Basic Low Carb Yeast Bread (THM S, Diabetic Friendly)

And oh how everyone is loving that recipe!! Which makes me a very Happy Mama for sure. Thank you all for trying the recipes that I post.

But this is about my Favorite Bread Recipes so here are my Top 5 picks.


Low Carb Yeast Bread

Simple Soda Bread

Favorite Healthy Bread Recipes, Simple Soda Bread

Sprouted Wheat Dough

Sprouted Wheat Cinnamon Scones

Sprouted wheat Cinnamon Scones (E)

Simple Sour Dough




Many other bloggers and Mama’s have their own favorite bread recipes and I’d like to invite them to link those recipes here, be mindful that some may or may not fit within the Trim Healthy Mama plan, but I’m sure most of them will.


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